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An Utena-based multi-fandom RPG

Rose Venom: A Multi-Fandom RPG
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Ohtori Academy. Outside it looks like a normal school. Teachers yelling at their lazy students, tests, secret crushes, love notes...

But on the inside, there's a different story. A Rose Bride, duelists, the rose crest, the arena in the forest, the Student Council and End of the World.

A story of a revolutionary girl, already told. But this time, there's a twist... and nothing you know will stay the same...

Welcome to Rose Venom, an Utena based multi-fandom RPG. This RPG is set in the enviroment of the anime, Revolutionary Girl Utena, but with a twist. Characters from other fandoms are also thrown into the mix. So while it might start off like the beginning of the anime, I doubt it will follow the exact same path.

There are a few rules. They should be easy to follow...

1) Basic knowledge of Utena is required. Advanced knowledge is not truly necessary at this point in time, as the RPG will most likely drift from what happened in the anime.
2) No fighting. Keep your OOC arguements out of this community.
3) Original characters are allowed. For now I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt and not have a long form to fill out. The moment we get a sue on our hands, however, a form will become required. I believe that anyone who applies here will be mature enough to know the difference between an original character and a Mary Sue. Please don't ruin this for everyone else.
4) The fandom character limit is 5. There is no limit on how many OCs you many have, so long as you can handle playing all of them.
5) Plus Accounts are allowed. :)
6) For OCs and fandom characters alike, I will not provide a form. All I ask is that you give me a sample of your RP skills as the character you want. It can be anything you want. An RP scene, a journal entry, anything. Just show me you can handle the character you're playing. Though if you want to put even more info in there, that's okay too. >XD
7) Yaoi, yuri, het, and incest are all allowed. After all, this is Utena. ;)
8) All RPG entries and journal entries must be friends only. If someone dislikes that, I will discuss it with them and look for a compromise.
9) Characters from anthro fandoms (examples: Sonic, Klonoa) are allowed, provided they're in human form.
10) Have fun. :)


Fullmetal Alchemist Characters
Winry Rockbell - played by lilly_serenitia - [journal to come]

Original Characters
Jade Walker - played by lilly_serenitia - [journal to come]
John Edward Brunett Parmalee - played by alexi_serenitia - [omgtehjebness]
Samantha Green - played by cjerd - [stalkersamantha]
Victoria Crawford - played by alexi_serenitia - [hershinygun]
Violet Daniels - played by lilly_serenitia - [journal to come]

Revolutionary Girl Utena characters
Utena Tenjou - played by alexi_serenitia - [princessimnot]
Anthy Himemiya - played by cjerd - [obediant_rose]
Juri Arisugawa - played by sarajayechan - [avoidstorms]
Touga Kiryuu
Miki Kaoru - played by kawaiikumagrou9 - [cerulean_raiper]
Kyouichi Saionji
Nanami Kiryuu
Wakaba Shinohara
Shiori Takatsuki - played by alexi_serenitia - [innocent_cruel]
Kozue Kaoru
Mitsuru Tsuwabuki
Souji Mikage
Kanae Ohtori
Ruka Tsuchiya
Akio Ohtori

Sonic the Hedgehog Characters
Cream - played by lilly_serenitia [journal to come]

Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters
Rebecca Hopkins - played by alexi_serenitia - [rosegirlgenius]

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